While you might think your local Oceana is the pinnacle of glamorous nightlife, we guarantee you it doesn’t quite measure up to these cities.

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Hostelworld has polled local experts (read: party lovers) all over the world to ascertain where the best cities to go out are, and the results might surprise you.

The study examined how residents of 41 cities across 27 countries rate the nightlife in their hometowns. It’s unlikely such a level of science has ever been applied to a night out before – participants were asked for their ratings in five categories: quality, friendliness of the locals, safety, ease of getting around and cost.

If you’re more of a shots than sightseeing kind of person, take a look at the top five places to party.

1. Hamburg, Germany


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Perhaps surprisingly, it’s not the Germany’s capital Berlin that nabs the top spot but Hamburg, the country’s second city.

The port city topped two of the five categories: friendliness and ease of getting around, two things which are definitely key to a good night out. Let’s face it, nothing ruins an evening more than having to spend three hours on a bus home, with no friendly locals to help with directions.

If you’re looking to make your own judgement, Hostelworld recommends the underground train station club Bahnhof Pauli, and the bar Kleines Phi for its gin and tonics.

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2. Copenhagen, Denmark


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Apparently Copenhagen has everything going for it – but just missed out on prime position because it’s pretty expensive. If you can part with the cash, it’s the perfect destination for party animals, with friendly locals, a safe feeling and tonnes of entertainment.

In terms of clubbing, Hostelworld says you have to go to Culture Box, but if you’re more into your jazz, head to La Fontaine and Jazzhus Montmarte.

3. Berlin, Germany


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If this list is anything to go by, Germany is the best country in the world for nightlife, as it hogs two of the top three spots.

While Hamburg might have surprised you, Berlin is a no-brainer, with its world-famous clubs and vibrant electronic music scene.

There’s a reason the Berghain is one of the most famous clubs in the world – but be warned, it’s famously tricky to get into. In fact, it’s so elusive and exclusive you’re not even allowed to take photos in there. In terms of bars, Hostelworld recommends Geist Im Glas or the ballroom Clärchens Ballhaus.

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4. Dublin, Ireland

Anyone who’s been to Ireland will understand why Dublin came top for friendliest people. Not only this, but we can’t help thinking it being the home of Guinness also helped it make the top five.

There are pubs galore in Dublin, so you’ll never fall short of options. For starters, Hostelworld recommends the Auld Dubliner and Sin É.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the things most celebrated about Amsterdam was how safe it is – while the simplicity of being able to cycle about is an added bonus (although cycling home after a big night out is not recommended).

In terms of clubs, Hostelworld recommends De School – a former school building with a 24-hour licence. If you’re a little bit more low-key, head to In de Wildeman or Bar Lux.