The Flåm Railway has been named one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world and is one of the leading tourist attractions in Norway – and now you don’t even have to set foot outside your house to enjoy its stunning sights and spots.

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For anybody who has ever felt the urge to take a trip to scenic Norway, Expedia have put together a brand new 360-degree virtual reality experience of one of the country's most famous train journeys - the Flåm Railway network, a 20.2-km journey between Mydral and Flåm in Aurland in central Norway.

Starting from the end of Aurlandsfjord, it travels up to the high During the 44-minute video, taking in landmarks like the Hardangervidda, Norway's largest national park, Flåm Church, a wooden stave church built in 1667 and Kjosfossen, a spectacular 225m waterfall.

As you arrive at each station, you're given some information on each. The train starts at the small mountain station of Myrdal and winds its way down through the mountains to its terminus in the village of Flåm in the fjords, passing snow-covered mountains, spectacular waterfalls, steep valleys and fjord landscapes on the way. Click around for even more information or for different viewpoints.

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And as it’s Europe’s steepest railway network, you’ll see a diverse range of landscape and feel the thrill as the train makes its way up and along the track.

Would you visit Norway and take a trip on the Flåm Railway network? Or perhaps you have? Tell us your favourite landmarks and tips in the Comments box below.

Video credit: Expedia