From Spanish sangria to a Mexican margarita, there's nothing like a homegrown drink to make you feel like a local when you're abroad.

Here's our rundown of what tipple to order on your next trip - or how to recreate that holiday vibe from the comfort of your own home.

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1. Turkey: Raki

Referred to in Turkey as Lion’s Milk, this drink certainly packs a punch. Made of grapes and aniseed, it’s incredibly popular and is used for both celebrations and to drown sorrows.

2.  Spain: Sangria

Mix three parts red wine, one part orange juice, two parts lemonade, and plenty of ice, sliced fruit and mint goes into this beloved drink.

3. Italy: Limoncello

Limoncello is traditionally made in Southern Italy, and makes for a refreshing digestif after dinner – as you’ll know if you’ve ever been presented with a shot of it in an Italian restaurant.


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4. Ireland: Guinness

Guinness is good for you – so the saying goes, anyway. This iron-rich Irish dry stout has acquired popularity around the world, but fans of the black stuff insist it tastes best when served in its native Ireland.

5. Greece: Ouzo

No visit to Greece (or a Greek restaurant in the UK, for that matter) would be complete without a shot of this anise-flavoured delight.

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6. Russia: Vodka

Who knew the humble spud could be so versatile? This distilled beverage is traditionally made by distilling fermented potatoes or cereal grains. In Russia, vodka is usually drunk neat, and served as a cold shot.

7. Japan: Sake

Sake (pronounced Sa-Kay) is made with fermented rice, rice malt and water. In Japan, different types of sake have different recommended temperatures to best enjoy them at, and it's considered good manners for a younger person to serve an older person first.

8. England: Pimm’s

This delicately-spiced drink is beloved of Wimbledon-goers every summer, but you don’t need to be a tennis fan to enjoy Pimm’s O’Clock.


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9. Scotland: Whisky

Not to be confused with its Irish counterpart, whiskey, Scotland’s national drink is also one of the country’s biggest exports.

10. Cuba: Mojito

Muddle together white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint for this deliciously refreshing Cuban classic.

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11. Antigua: Sorrel

Made from the sorrel plant, this homemade beverage is usually enjoyed in the winter months when the fruit is ripe and suitable for harvesting.

12. Austria: Marillen Schnaps

Apricots provide this fruit brandy with its flavour. Fruit-flavoured Schnapps drinks are also popular in Switzerland, Southern Germany and the French region Alsace.

13. Mexico: Tequila

When most of us think tequila, we think late-night shots washed down with lemon and salt. And the inevitable banging headache the next day. But this Mexican favourite also forms the basis of some delicious cocktails, including, of course, the famous margarita.


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14. Brazil: Caipirinha

This national cocktail comprises of sugar, lime, and a generous serving of cachaca, Brazil’s rum-like spirit.

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15. Peru: Pisco Sour

For a taste of Peru, mix together pisco (a grape brandy), lime, sugar syrup, egg white and a dash of bitters. Garnish with cherry or lemon, and enjoy.

What are your favourite local drinks? Let us know in the Comments section below.