We’ve got an idea for future weekend plans that’s going to make you feel all kinds of excited…

Well, if you’re a gin lover, that is.

Gin Journey runs tours in not just one UK city, but four – London, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh. (They also organise pop-ups in other cities when they can).

Which is all well and good, but you want to know what a gin journey actually involves, right?

After you climb on board a Mercedes minibus, your chauffeur takes you and your pals to five different bars and distilleries. At each stop, you get to sample a different craft gin, while also being treated to five gin-based cocktails. And you also have a host – an aptly named Gin Guardian (a role we’d quite like to take on ourselves… hint hint).

As the team behind Gin Journey put it on their website: “Your host will wax lyrical about the romantic yet tumultuous history of gin and tell the tale of its recent renaissance.” Oooh-er.

So, you’re learning about gin and drinking it at the same time? Now that, friends, is what we call a productive weekend activity.

If you’re sold on the idea (and really, that’s kinda what we expected) the Gin Journey runs every Saturday, and often weeknights too, and each tour lasts around five hours. Price-wise, you’re looking at around £52 per person – and you can treat yourself to delicious food available along the journey for a little extra too.

*texts friends immediately to see when they next have a free weekend*