A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton’s holiday favourites

See where the property expert takes her family on vacation and discover her most memorable trips.

She’s usually seen showing couples around properties in their dream location overseas, but where does Channel 4’s A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton like to go when she's abroad on holiday and not for work?

We caught up with the property expert and busy mum of two to hear about her favourite holiday spots:

1. The Maldives

“I don’t switch off easily and it’s the one place in the world where I can. It’s pure paradise. I’ve been to six different islands and I don’t think I could ever get bored of the place.”

2. Mallorca

“I love the city of Palma. It’s cosmopolitan with some great bars, excellent restaurants and amazing architecture. The beaches on the island are beautiful too. There is something for everyone.”

3. San Pedro de Alcantara

“It’s near to Puerto Banus in Spain. We have a family house there and it’s a great place to escape to for the weekend. We can walk to the port in 20 minutes which is always good for a bit of people watching.”

4. Madeira

“It reminds me a bit of a tropical Caribbean Island. Just off the coast of Portugal, it’s very pretty and has lots of beautiful flowers.  One of my favourite things to do there is sliding down the hilly roads in a basket sled! It sounds crazy but it’s quite a popular thing to do there.”

5. South Africa

“I visited Cape Town and drove along the Garden Route last year. My Dad was born in Cape Town but his parents died when he was four years old and he was adopted by a family in the UK - he has never been back. It was amazing seeing where he grew up and I thought the country was simply beautiful.”

6. Megeve Ski Resort

“I’ve skied since I was nine. I was lucky - or crazy - enough to take part in the first series of The Jump. I love skiing and winter sports and Megeve in France is such a beautiful place to ski with some great restaurant and apres ski.”

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