Alien spotting around the world: 5 of the best places to see them

Fancy going hunting for UFOs? Here's where you should head first.

Where should you look if you want to go UFO spotting in real life? Here are a few supernatural locations to explore.

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1. Area 51, Nevada, USA


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This remote, highly classified United States Air Force facility is shrouded in mystery, and has long been an infamous site for those looking to experience a close encounter with the supernatural.

However, it's hard to get that close, what with all the 'No Trespassing' signs. Allegedly, the remains from the UFO crash in Roswell are stored here.

2. Wycliffe Well, Australia

Dubbed the UFO capital of Australia, Wycliffe Well in the remote Northern Territory of Oz has been witness to supposedly hundreds of UFO sightings since the end of World War II. You can see why too, it's a huge flat area with 360-degree views of the sky. But even if you don't spot any surreal lights or saucer-shaped vehicles up above, there are life-sized alien models to see too. 

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3. Roswell, New Mexico, USA

In 1947, it is alleged that a UFO crash landed in Roswell, before the remains were secretly transported to Area 51 (see above). Now it's a pilgrimage site for UFO enthusiasts worldwide, where those who have been abducted or witnessed alien escapades can meet and share their experiences at Roswell’s UFO Museum and Research Center.

4. Warminster, Wiltshire, UK


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Prone to having crop circles appear, in the 1960s and 1970s, Warminster also made the papers because of a series of 'alien sounds' that were heard by locals, while Stonehenge and the spooky stone circles of Avebury are also nearby. It's a place that seems to draw the supernatural.

5. El Enladrillado, Chile

In 2008, there was a string of extra-terrestrial sightings in El Enladrillado, so the national tourism board has set up a 30km UFO trail, ending at a point that's at 2,200m and said to be a UFO landing pad for visitors from outer space.

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