In November last year holiday rental site and homestay network Airbnb, launched a new ‘trips’ section, offering customers the opportunity to get involved in community led ‘experiences’ that feature “handcrafted activities designed and led by local experts – be it a single activity like a Samurai Swordplay workshop or an immersive multi-day experience like learning about and driving classic cars in Malibu.

Experiences offer unprecedented access and deep insights into communities and places that you wouldn’t otherwise come across, such as Truffle Hunting in Tuscany or the grime music scene in London.”

And it’s been a success, with these 10 experiences proving to be the post popular when it comes to Airbnb user’s wish lists:

1. Zen Explorers, San Francisco, CA

What is it? A mindful three-day excursion through the hidden beaches and Redwoods near San Francisco, led by two outdoor fitness guides.

2. Fabulous Fascinators, London, UK

What is it? An afternoon of drinking tea, eating cakes, and making hats with a London milliner.

3. By Night in Havana, Havana, Cuba

What is it? A journey through Havana’s dance and music scene led by an award-winning vocalist and music historian.

4. Sushi Science, Tokyo, Japan

What is it? An immersion into the art and science of sushi preparation, guided by a veteran sushi master.

5. Adventure Man, Los Angeles, CA

What is it? Surfing breaks and camping under the stars with a local surf instructor and adventure guide.

6. Being Cuban, Havana, Cuba

What is it? An exploration of Cuban daily rhythms led by two economists and professors from the University of Havana.

7. Foodie Insider, Tokyo, Japan

What is it? A backstage pass into Tokyo’s buzzing food and beverage scene with a cooking school founder and sake sommelier.

8. The Truffle Hunter, Florence, Italy

What is it? A truffle hunting trek through the Italian countryside, followed by a tasting, with one of Italy’s top truffle hunters.

9. Samurai Sword Artist , Tokyo, Japan

What is it? Traditional samurai sword training with a choreographer and martial artist working in stage and film.

10. Perfumer, Paris, France

What is it? An aromatic tour and perfumery lesson with a professional ‘nose’: one of only 100 trained perfumers in the world.

What’s on your Airbnb wish list? Tell us in the comments box below