Over six million (yep, six MILLION) people attend Oktoberfest each year to celebrate the Bavarian culture and join in with drinking festivities.

But the Munich event is more than just a drinking festival. It’s more like a carnival, made up of 14 massive brewery tents, each serving a traditional Bavarian beer in huge litre glasses to thousands of visitors at a time.

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People from all over Germany, Europe and the world gather to drink beer, and drink it in the kind of volumes you normally associate more with ponds than glasses.

People attending Oktoberfest
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But that’s not to say that’s all Oktoberfest is about. Not drinking at the festival actually means more room for incredible German food and avoiding hangovers that can single-handedly ruin your entire trip.

So, if you’re thinking of attending the festival sober you needn’t worry – here are all the fun and exciting things you will get to enjoy…


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Absolutely mouthwatering food. There are many stalls scattered through the festival selling goods like doughnuts, honey-coated roast nuts, gingerbread, sweet apples, chips, pancakes and candyfloss.

But it is inside the beer tents that the real foodie delights can be found. Every tent comes equipped with a restaurant where they serve everything from buttered roast chicken to different styles of sausages to schnitzels as well as vegetarian options (they really do think of everyone!).

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To completely enjoy this one you need to make sure you’re inside a beer tent at mid-day. The house band begin to play and even if you aren’t drinking it’s still a hoot to raise a glass and join in with eight thousand people yelling “Prost!”


A ride

Oktoberfest began as a wedding celebration, so the spirit of family runs deep within he festival. Families come along to enjoy the rides together.


This includes excellent roller coasters, pirate ships and giant swings that are naturally greater to enjoy sober. It’s basically a fairground but made a lot more spectacular with all the costumes and impromptu singing.

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The parade

A parade
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Each year on the first Sunday of the festival, there’s a huge costume parade through the main streets of central Munich, showcasing the very best of Bavarian attire.


You can even join in if you’re up for it and show off your new wiesn glupperl and dirndl bows.


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Munich itself is a beautiful city and Oktoberfest is far from the only attraction there. It’s the perfect time of year to bike around the Englischer Garten, which is near the city centre and has a couple of amazing outdoor food areas.


You could also immerse yourself in the city’s rich – and sometimes disturbing – history. That’s definitely one to undertake in a sober state.

So there you go, turns out Oktoberfest is a place that can entertain the sober as well as the drunk!

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