On Saturday, November 20 Prince Harry is jetting off on a 14-day royal tour of the Caribbean, in place of his grandmother, the Queen. 

On the trip he’ll be exploring Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines, and will be out there during celebrations for the 50th anniversary of independence for Barbados and Guyana, and 35th for Antigua and Barbuda.

He’ll even get to hang out with Rihanna in Barbados at its Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert on November 30.

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Jealous? Here’s how to do your own tour of the Caribbean:

See a waterfall

Harry will be stopping in Guyana to learn about conservation and eco-tourism in the country’s ‘hinterland’. Eco-tourism is a major raw for visitors wanting to make a difference, but we’d also recommend visiting some of Guyana’s natural wonders, such as Kaieteur Falls in the jungle of Kaieteur National Park, where aside from 30,000 gallons of falling water, you might also spot tiny golden frogs.

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Spend time with turtles

Do as Harry will and learn about turtle conservation projects in the Caribbean. A great example of where turtles are being cared for is the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary in Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The centre is focussed on saving the hawksbill turtle from extinction. Visit the sanctuary (turtles.bequia.net/index.htm) to find out more about the work being done.

Hit the beach

The beaches of Barbados are famous for a reason. Drink rum punch on Miami Beach, enjoy the smooth crescent of sand at Accra Beach, relax on the easily accessible, and perhaps the most popular on the West Coast, Mullins Beach, and laze on pink sand at Crane Beach.

Soak up the history

Visit the Dockyard Museum in Antigua and Barbuda where you can see a telescope used by none other than Nelson, who the Georgian Dockyard itself is named after. Don’t miss St John’s Cathedral, or the view from the picturesque Devil’s Bridge.

Are you planning a trip to the Caribbean like Harry? Tell us about it in the comments below.