Its over 70 years since Roald Dahl’s first novel was published and he began inviting us into the magical worlds of his creation.

Ahead of World Book Day, Secret Escapes has found the best holiday destinations inspired by these wonderful universes:

1. The BFG: Scotland

Photo credit: Flickr/Ben

The film’s director, Steven Spielberg, dubbed Scotland ‘Giant Land’. Where better for Dahl fans to visit than the Isle of Skye?  This is the enchanted land which Sophie travels to when she is carried away by the BFG.

Be sure to arrange a visit to the magical Faerie Glen or head to the Old Man of Hoy in the Orkneys, known as the ‘stepping stone’ into the mystical kingdom.

2. The Witches: Cornwall

The 1987 film adaptation of The Witches was filmed in Newquay, so why not stay in the Headland Hotel where the film was set.

Perched on a rugged promontory where waves lash the shore, this grand Victorian hotel is an ideal base for exploring some of England’s finest coastline – or just staring out at the spectacular sea views.  

3. Esio Trot: Kruger Park, South Africa

If like Esio Trot’s Mrs Silver you have a penchant for tortoises, or any other wild animals in fact, head to Kruger Park in South Africa to search for your very own Alfie.

Here you’ll find over 40 species of tortoises, giraffes, antelopes, monkeys and, of course, the Big Five - a trip to the world-renowned Kruger will certainly satisfy any wildlife fan.

Just so you know though, be sure to not touch the tortoises as they are protected under federal law in South Africa. 

4. James and the Giant Peach: New York

From a giant peach to the Big Apple. New York tops young orphan James Henry Trotter’s wish list after his parents are killed by a rhinoceros and he is forced to live with his two aunts, Spiker and Sponge.

He and his insect friends travel to New York to find a new home among the concrete jungle.  

Visit the spot where the peach landed – The Empire State building.

You can also search for the famous ‘peach pit’ in Central Park.

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5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Switzerland

Switzerland is an absolute must for chocolate lovers, and it doesn’t even require a golden ticket to get there.

Home to a number of chocolate factories such as Maison Cailler or the Camille Bloch factory in Courtelary, you won’t be short of spots to indulge your sweet tooth.

There’s even a food museum, run by the Nestle foundation, providing you with a chocolate education Willy Wonka would be proud of.

What are your favourite destinations from Roald Dahl’s novels? Let us know in the Comments section below.