As a DJ, TV personality and CEO of Hair Rehab London, The Only Way is Essex star Lauren Pope is lucky enough to travel to plenty of far-flung exotic destinations.

We caught up with her as she prepares to return to the show to find out her travel favourites.

1. Her favourite day out in the UK

“It’s probably Devon. That’s where I’m from, that’s where I grew up. It’s where my family are. I’ve got a hair extension brand, our warehouse is down there, our office is down there. So even though I live in London I go down there probably one week every month and go and work in the office with everyone,” she explains.

“It’s so beautiful down there it’s nice to have an escape from the busyness of London. There’s loads of really nice walks. In the summer you can go paddle-boarding. Every beach there has all the equipment you can go and hire. I’ve got a Jeep Wrangler as well so you can just take the roof off and go for a drive and get lots of nice Instagram photos on the way.”

2. Her favourite day out in Essex

“I spend hardly any time in Essex anymore because I actually live in London now but if I do go there’s a really nice restaurant there called Sheesh and they’ve an outside bit and the indoors so if I was going to Essex for the day I’d probably grab my friends that still live and go to Sheesh and we’d all have lunch there,” she says.

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3. Her favourite things to do in London

“Shopping is obviously a good thing to do in London,” she laughs.

“Just walking around, I love walking around East London because there are always things going on.

“You can wander round and there are people shooting fashion blogs, people filming a music video, there’s really nice little boutique shops where you can get one off pieces, there’s Shoreditch House where you can go and sit upstairs on the roof. They’ve got a really beautiful outdoor pool there.

“There’s loads to do.”

4. Her favourite city break.

“It speaks for itself, Paris, doesn’t it? You’ve got the shops, you’ve got the beautiful scenery. It’s just such a chic vibe.

“I think for fashion inspiration as well, you can just wander around and look at Parisian women, they all look insane, always. Even in their gym kits they just ooze this sophistication don’t they? I think if you’re an aspiring fashion chick, definitely Paris,” Lauren said.

5. Her favourite relaxing destination

“I tend to go to Cape Verde. It’s always got beautiful weather, it’s always sunny,” she muses.

“I’ve been a few times and I’ve probably only had two bad weather days there. There’s always a nice breeze because I’m not really a huge sunbather. I get really agitated and I get bored so the fact that it’s hot but there’s this nice breeze, you can just lie there and relax. And there’s not actually that much to do there so you’re kind of forced to relax.”

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6. Her favourite place visited for work

“I’ve been to India a lot to DJ, pretty much all the big major cities and Goa as well.


“It’s such a culture shock. It really opens your eyes there’s a whole other world there apart from the little Essex-London bubble.

“The things you’ll see; there’s constantly something to see or something fascinating to look at. If you do want your relaxing beach part of your trip you can go down to Goa so you get a good mixture of both.”

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7. Her favourite travel memory

“Luckily with the job I do I get to go to a lot of nice places and see the world,” Lauren explains.

“I love going to Ibiza with my friends, you go to Blue Marlin, it’s like a beach bar. We’d go there, we’ll have sushi for lunch and then they’ve got these big double beds that you just chill on. We’ll have ice cold wine and then as the day goes on it turns into more of a party vibe.

“It’s just one of those vibes where everyone is so friendly, you end up making new best friends with everyone, that kind of vibe.”

8. Her favourite people to go away with

“It’s always nice to go away with a boyfriend, it’s nice to go away with the family, but for me when I think back to nice memories, especially over the last couple of years that’s always the one that sticks out, when you’re with your closest group of people, girls or guys, that’s when you’re at your most comfortable.”

9. Her favourite travel essentials

“I love my creams,” she says.

“My face cream, my eye cream, I’ve got a daily tan that I put on my face, lip balm as well.

“I hate being on a flight and just feeling tight and dry. I always whenever I get on a flight have a little routine. I take a mini cleanser, mini exfoliator, mini moisturiser then I’ll take all my makeup off, apply the moisturiser and drink as much water as possible.”

Lauren Pope is the CEO of celebrity and industry favourite hair extensions brand Hair Rehab London, which celebrates its 10th birthday in 2017.