Their job is to jet, sail, drive and hike the world, inspiring the rest of us to see new places. So who better to ask for 2018 destination tips than some of the world’s top travel bloggers?

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We asked some of the most experienced wanderlusters to reveal where they’d absolutely love to go next year. Here’s what they had to say…

The go-getter

Who: Vicky at  Vicky FlipFlop Travels is a solo globetrotter who loves festivals, making friends in new places and clocking up incredible experiences.
Dream destination: Mozambique
Why: I’m really excited to (hopefully) go to Mozambique next year. I want to chill out in the beach towns, see what the safari is like there and explore a country I don’t really know much about. I want to stay in fancy lodges, go scuba diving, explore the islands, and take some photos around the colourful towns. Can’t wait.

The explorer

Who: João Leitão at Nomad Revelations is an adventurer and storyteller who’s been to more than 130 countries. He likes to focus on less conventional destinations, giving readers colourful ideas and practical advice.
Dream destination: Morocco
Why:  The nation I can’t wait to visit, or in this case, to go back to is, Morocco. I want to explore a bit more of this north African country, a destination I deeply cherish and that never stops surprising me. Every day there is something new to experience; a mix of astonishing landscapes, exotic culture, ancient history and optimistic people.

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The foodie

Mark Wiens
(Mark Wiens/PA)

Who: Mark Wiens at Migrationology describes himself as a full time travel eater and food explorer, with a passion for street food. He also makes foodie videos.
Dream destination: Mexico
Why: For food lovers, Mexico and its many regions and cultures, has one of the most exciting cuisines in the world. A lot of travellers just scratch the surface of regional Mexican food, but there is a mind-blowing diversity of complex and unique dishes that you’ll find throughout Mexico. So in 2018 I’m hoping to travel there to discover some dishes and ingredients I’ve never tried before.

The family travellers


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Who: Caz and Craig Makepeace at YTravelBlog write about inspirational travels with their two daughters in tow. The Australian family are currently road-tripping across the US.
Dream destination: New Orleans
Why: As our travels are focused on the US for 2018, the top destination on our wishlist is New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We can’t wait to throw on some feathers and beads and immerse ourselves in this festival and tradition and showcase the family friendly side of it. We’re also excited to experience the culture and history, indulge in Creole and Cajun cooking and dance to impromptu jazz riffs on the streets.  We’ll be road-tripping from North Carolina, so I’m sure the journey will be just as fun as the destination.

The adventurers

Dave and Deb from Planet D
(Planet D/PA)

Who: Dave and Deb at The Planet D are a married couple who live by the motto “adventure is for everyone”. They aim to inspire ordinary people to live extraordinary lives.
Dream destination: Patagonia
Why: We have only explored a handful of countries in South America and we hope our next trip to the continent will bring us to Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. The striking mountains of the Andes offer some of the best multi-day treks in the world, and it is our dream to hike from hut to hut taking in the views of the jagged rock formations, glacier lakes and wildlife like the Andean condor.  We want to push beyond our limits and step out of our comfort zone while experiencing some of the most beautiful views on earth.