With Brexit in motion and the pound having fallen, it’s not uncommon to fear expensive holidays.

Luckily there are still many places abroad you can visit without emptying your bank account.

Here are a few to consider:

1. Algarve, Portugal

Portugal has been named the most affordable holiday destination in the world for British holiday makers for the second year in a row, with the southern coastal region of Algarve selected as the best place in the country. With its sandy beaches and architecturally stunning cities, Portugal is often overlooked in comparison to the more centrally connected European countries, leaving it with a lower tourism rate, and as a result, cheaper prices.

For instance, full day of wine tours average around €50, while many museums have free entry on Sunday. However, beware hidden fees, for example, taxis can be expensive with some companies charging extra for luggage and be careful when the waiter places bread and olives on the table as they are unlikely to be free.

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2. Hungary, Budapest

Famous for its outdoor thermal spas, Budapest is a beautiful bargain with sit down dinners costing around £5, beers £1 and you can even bag rooms for £10 a night.

If you are looking for something quieter, head to Lake Balaton in Transdanubia in western Hungary – home to the biggest lake in central Europe. Badacsony Hill is also a must for wine lovers, with its showcase of cheap wine vineyards and with ornate bathhouses around the country for as little as £14 a day with massages costing less than £10, there is no better place for some retail therapy.

3. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a popular destination for sunseekers, but with many tourists flocking to the capital and second oldest city in Europe, Sofia, little attention is given to the outside areas, meaning the further east you go, the cheaper the prices get.

Head north of Sunny Beach to Varna. There you can find sea gardens modelled on the Baroque palace gardens of Schonbrunn and Belvedere in Vienna, and enjoy some outdoor entertainment at the open-air theatre.

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4. Cambodia

The southeast Asia travel scene, a favourite with young backpackers, offers visitors five-star luxury trip without the expense. The country boasts one of the seven Wonders of the World with the world-famous Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, an ancient site filled with temples, with a sunrise to leave you speechless.

5. Greece

With Greece’s ongoing economic difficulties the price of holidaying here is lower than previous years and tends to be cheaper than other European countries.

Although the more famous Greek islands remain a bit pricey, the quieter ones like Paros and Skiathos will be kinder on the wallet.

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