While Sweden might not be home to some of the world’s most visited tourist attractions like Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower, it does have freedom to roam.

Freedom to roam is also known as the Right Of Public Access and means that when in Sweden, you have the right to walk, cycle, ski or camp on any land, excluding private land or within 70 metres of homes or cultivated land.

This means you’re free to light campfires, swim in lakes, collect flowers, berries and mushrooms, access any beach, or catch fish anywhere on the coastline.

The rule to remember is “don’t disturb, don’t destroy” – meaning not to do anything to effect wildlife.

Visit Sweden are now showcasing that freedom to the rest of the world, listing the whole country on Airbnb.

We reveal the best of Sweden’s stunning landscapes to explore for yourself.

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1. Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland

Though it may be the rumoured home of Father Christmas, Swedish Lapland can reach temperatures of over 30C in the summer.

Come in the winter for the Northern Lights, or midsummer for non-stop daylight.

Try exploring the mountains in Abisko National Park.

2. Båtstadknallen forest

For nature lovers, this forest near the Norwegian border is the one for you.

Be surrounded by 300-year-old trees as you sleep under the stars and keep an eye out for the elusive white moose.

3. Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm archipelago

If you’re more of a city slicker but fancy spending some time in the great outdoors, try a trip to Stockholm’s archipelago.

Just a short boat ride from the Swedish capital is a collection of 30,000 islands, skerries and rocks.

Try out kayaking, swim in the natural infinity pools, or fish for your lunch before cooking it on a barbecue.

With this many islands to visit, the possibilities are endless.

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4. Gotland


For a rugged coastal landscape, pay a visit to the beaches on Gotland, Sweden’s largest island.

A few hours away from the mainland, you’ll see huge limestone columns and wild waves.

 Take your pick from the small secluded beaches, grass fields or pine forest.

5. Sandön

Another great coastal spot, here the rugged cliffs have been shaped by the ice sheet.

Take your time to go foraging, snorkelling or fishing for crabs and mussels.

Where in the world are your favourite places to explore? Let us know in the Comments section below.