It comes around only once a year – the opportunity for a fresh start and a good excuse to break old bad habits. Because, let’s face it, no matter how often or how far you travel, there’s always room for improvement.

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Well, now is the time to initiate change. Set some simple resolutions and make those 2018 holidays go like a dream.

1. I will not be late for the airport, ever again

Arriving at the airport when they say so – two, or even three, hours before the scheduled departure – is really dull. Who wants to be sitting around, shopping and relaxing at Heathrow when you could be stuck on the Tube, breaking into a sweat because the gate is about to close? OK, point taken…

2. It goes against my fashion principles, but I will not pack more than two pairs of shoes (and that includes flip flops)

If there’s one thing certain to send you over the luggage allowance, it’s shoes. Yes, those heels might look perfect with your sun dress, but do you really need stilettos on the beach?

3. Late night Sunday flights will be a thing of the past

At the time it seems like a good idea: Book the latest possible flight home to extend the weekend without dipping into precious holiday allocation. But when your flight is delayed, there are engineering works on the train line and you’ve got no milk left in the fridge – it all becomes a nightmare.

4. The first question I ask when I walk into a hotel lobby will NOT be: What’s the Wifi password?

It must be the most common query at the concierge desk, with bandwidth access even more frequently requested than the bathroom. Be less predictable in 2018; at least mumble about the weather before diving into the inevitable.

5. On that theme, I will only look at my phone three times a day

Holidays are meant for breaking away, so why put so much effort into staying connected? Try to live in the moment – for more than just a few moments a day.

6. Jungle, beach or city – I will go for a run on alternate days

Yes, it’s important to relax, but why slip into full-on slob mode? An early morning jog will burn off any heavy meals from the night before – and is also a novel way to see a destination.

7. Even if the hotel buffet is a thing of great beauty, I will not tower my plate higher than the Burj Khalifa

Ask yourself: Do I really need to eat all that food before I sit down and eat again in three hours’ time? No-one in their right mind eats waffles, eggs Benedict, cranberry muffins and Lancashire sausages in one sitting – so why should you?

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8. I will be more honest with my Instagram posts – even if the truth hurts (me)

Instabragging – everyone’s at it – but wouldn’t it be more interesting if some people waxed lyrical about how crappy their holiday was this year? Show the truth – high-rise scaffolding blocks and all.

9. I will not only purchase a pair of compression socks; I will also wear them


Well. Got my first birthday gift in the mail today. Bruh. #CompressionStockings

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Who buys those horrible granny socks they sell in Boots at the airport? Erm, sensible people who don’t want to get DVT. Yep, it’s time to embrace the knee-length woollen leg clamps, we’re afraid.

10. I will only ever talk about the place I’m in

Travel bores – we’ve all met one. Conversations usually begin something like, ‘When I was riding horseback across the Gobi Desert…’ Really? Who cares!