According to people in the know, there’s an evident surge in the number of parents kindly offering (or maybe being persuaded) to take their adult children on holiday with them.

In fact, the trend of holidaying with your ‘rents has even got a name – “genervacation”.

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A survey by Souk Response – a travel and leisure marketing agency – showed that 87% of the children who went on holiday with their parents also go away on their own, or with friends. 

So we spoke to Huw Williams, director of Souk Response, about why we would even want to go away with our parents. And he said: “You’ve basically got a younger generation who are settling down much later in life. And there’s a generation gap – people share more interests than they did before.

“The travel market thought the big winner would be cruises. But actually people are doing much more adventurous things later in life. It’s the kind of holiday more kids are likely to go along with – it’s as appealing to a 25-year-old as to a 60-year old.

“For a large number of children, they actually really enjoy going away with their parents. The home has become more fragmented so holidays provide a chance to spend proper time together.”

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The truth is, we’ve all done the (delete as appropriate) Magaluf/Zante/Ibiza holiday. Some of us have had gap years that are a bit of a drunken/adrenaline-filled haze. We’ve also had that time at uni where you can basically do whatever the hell you want.

But now, as much as we want to go on sophisticated long weekends to European cities with our mates, we’re too busy trying to survive – and have fun – as, ahem, proper grown-ups.

And, well, holidaying with your ‘rents does come with its perks. These include:

1. Not having to take any spending money.

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Now, look, we’re not saying free-loading off your parents always feels great – but after your fifth pina colada, you really won’t care.

2. Having what seems like a never-ending supply of sun cream.

Seriously, how expensive is sun cream nowadays?! Mums may also freely supply: books, magazines, toiletries. Yasssssss.

3. Not feeling that bad if you don’t want to be super sociable.

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After all, they’re your family and they’re kinda used to you being sulky and wanting to nap some/all the time. When you go away with friends or partner, you actually have to make, you know, effort.

4. They tend to remember all the important things – like travel documents – for you. 

Remember that horrible feeling when you’re convinced you’ve forgotten something as you get to the airport?

OK, you might still have that feeling a bit – but truth is, you can blame any major hiccups on the parentals. #sorrynotsorry

5. Hilarious moments like getting your parents on the dance floor of the hotel bar may occur.

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This, of course, might not happen on every family holiday but if it does, well, you’re in for a treat. You may find a 70s/80s-themed night works best.

6. They organise everything for you.

You literally don’t have to use your brain all holiday – there’s none of that stress of booking your own holiday.

Forget worrying “have we picked the right hotel?” or “do we have our transfers sorted?” All on them.

7. They are more likely to take you to non-budget places – think all-inclusive hotels, nice self-catering apartments, ski resorts…

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When you go on holiday with your mates, you’re always thinking about what you can realistically afford. OK, so unless your parents are uber-rich, we’re not saying you should expect to be staying in complete luxury. But at the end of the day, you’re definitely not going to be in a 12-bed dorm with suspiciously off-colour bed sheets and a severe lack of air-con or plug sockets.

But we should probably warn you – alongside the free alcohol and fun family time, these issues may crop up. Followed by wanting to tear your hair out (no offence, Mum):

1. You can’t really moan about anything during the holiday.

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Area around the hotel not that exciting? No busy-looking bars in sight? All old people everywhere?

Well, you didn’t play any part in helping to organise it, did you?

2. You can’t help feeling a bit bad about going off and doing your own thing.

As much as they say it’s fine, there’s probs a limit to how unsociable you can be.

They have paid for you to go with them after all…

3. Expect some nagging.

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For example: “Put more sun cream on.” Which, to be fair, when you end up with ridiculous tan lines annoyingly proves Mum knows best. *side eyes*

4. You may have to share a room.

Even if you get on really well with your brother or sister, you’ll still miss having your own space if you’re used to it. Warning: you may even revert back to name-calling.

5. Don’t even think about having a lie-in.

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Unless your parents are aliens and totally agree with sleeping in until 11am, expect a knock on your door so you can all eat breakfast “as a family”.

Just keep telling yourself it means you can make the most of the sunshine…

6. If you have one too many drinks with dinner, certain topics should be avoided.

Tbh, this one applies no matter who you go on holiday with.

7. You can’t help but regress a little.

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At first, it might seem kinda fun to act a bit like a kid again – think playing ball games in the pool with your siblings.

But by the end of the week, you’ll be questioning your life choices. You’ll wonder if you were always this immature – and how you possibly survive living away from home.

When it comes down to it though, make the most of a “genervacation” holiday – a  trip abroad is a trip abroad. And when you look back on the week, you won’t remember the annoying moments. Promise…