A British family holidaying in Venice had a shock last week when their bill for lunch came to €526 (£466 approx.).

The family from Birmingham had been dining at Trattoria Casanova and ordered a mixed grill of fish with no price on the menu which turned out to cost €297 and were also brought a plate of oysters they did not order.

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We found out everything you need to know to avoid falling into similar tourist traps.

1. Choose public transport instead of taxis

Working out whether or not a taxi is an official licenced firm abroad can be tricky territory.

Taking a taxi can also mean paying more than you need to as some drivers may take advantage of your lack of knowledge and charge more to take you a longer way round.

If possible, opt for public transport instead.

2. Don’t eat off the main tourist strip

When eating out, stray away from the big tourist hotspots and dive down a few side streets.

This is where you’ll find a cheaper meal.


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3. Be wary of menu costs

If you can’t easily determine the cost of your selected dish you’re probably better off ordering something else, or trying a different restaurant altogether.

Watch out for some dishes where you might be charge by the weight of the meal rather than just for one portion.

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4. Don’t feel rude saying no

We Brits can fall over ourselves trying to be polite sometimes but don’t be scared to say no when someone is trying to sell you something you didn’t think you might want.

After all, it’s not likely you will ever see them again.

5. Book tickets in advance

Plan for any activities you may want to do before you go and book tickets before you fly if you can.

Usually you’ll save money and skip the queue.

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