How to use mindfulness to ease your anxiety about leaving your home empty while on holiday

Going on holiday for a week or two is a great way to de-stress, but a lot of use worry about leaving our home unattended for extended periods of time. Here’s how you can relax again.

A trip away is often the best way to leave many of your everyday worries behind.

However, some people replace their old worries with new ones as plenty of “what-ifs” race through their head about what could happen to their home while it’s left unattended.

In fact, nearly half of Brits admit to feeling stressed and anxious when leaving their homes unoccupied.

With this in mind, connected home insurance company Neos have partnered with highly acclaimed mindfulness expert Emma Mills, to create a collection of bespoke mindfulness video guides.

See Emma’s tips now.

Video credit: Neos

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