10 reasons to visit the Canary Islands

There are plenty of reasons to visit the Canary Islands, but you might not want to go in the sea.

There are plenty of reasons to jet off to these sunshine islands, including:

1. The unusual climate – the Canary Islands enjoy an ‘eternal spring’, with long sunny days with temperatures ranging between 19C and 25C throughout the year.

2. The sea in the Canary Islands maintains a year-round temperature of around 20C.

3. Gran Canaria is said to have some of the best beaches in Europe.

4. The islands are a haven for extreme sports, so you can run, pedal, jump, fly and climb your way around the wild landscapes.

5. The Canaries are volcanic, and this means there’s a wide range of climbing surfaces and conditions, with routes for all types and levels of climber.

6. 40% of the Canaries are environmentally protected in reserves boasting volcanoes, thousand-year-old forests, idyllic beaches, sand dunes, dramatic cliffs, natural swimming pools and waterfalls.

7. There are four spectacular national parks, in Lanzarote, La Palma, Tenerife and La Gomera.

8. Because of the islands’ volcanic heritage, there’s a choice of white, red, yellow or volcanic black sand.

9. If you dive in the waters around the islands you might be lucky enough to see an endangered Loggerhead Turtle.

10. The diverse food available on the islands is a mixture of native Guanche, Spanish, African and Latin American, and includes fried bananas, stews and spicy mojo sauces.

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