If you’ve got a flight booked with Ryanair in the near future, be prepared as the airline have announced that passengers will no longer be allowed to take two pieces of cabin luggage on board.

This doesn’t mean you can just start cramming your handbag into your wheelie bag, though, as the dimensions of permitted cabin baggage have also changed. 

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The old policy allowed customers to carry on a normal cabin bag (for example, a wheelie case) of 50cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus a smaller bag (such as a handbag or backpack) of 35cm x 20cm x 20cm.  

Now passengers will only be allowed one smaller bag on board (like a handbag or small backpack). Any normal-sized wheelie cases will be placed in the hold, free of charge – as long as they only weigh 10kg.

Only customers who have purchased Priority & 2 Cabin Bags, Flexi Plus, Plus or Family Plus will be allowed to bring both of their cabin bags on board. This costs £5 if you buy it when you book, or £6 if you pay later right up to 30 minutes before your flight.

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The budget airline has previously said it wants to avoid boarding delays caused by a lack of overhead cabin space. They said people were “abusing” the previous policy by taking too much on board and that full planes simply don’t have enough space for everyone to put a wheelie bag into the overhead lockers.

The changes mean you’ll be able to check-in one 10kg or less bag for free, and any additional hold luggage will be charged at £25 if purchased at the time of booking. The maximum weight of paid-for check-in luggage is increasing, however, from 15kg to 20kg.