The idea of owning a holiday home is just a pipe dream for many. But according to a survey, it’s also beneficial for mental wellbeing, and can even help boost your sex life.

But beyond the obvious attraction of having an easily accessible escape, what else drives people to invest in a staycation bolthole?

Why buy a holiday home?

If the results of a new survey published by Park Leisure (in conjunction with Onepoll) are anything to go by, the benefits of owning a holiday home are far-reaching.

While a desire to own a place close to home is a motivating factor for many (on average, holiday home owners live no further than three hours away from their home), other drives include familiarity, nostalgia and an opportunity to enjoy quality time with family.

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The benefits of a holiday home

Nearly 72% of those surveyed revealed they had spent more time with family since buying their holiday home. In fact, many said relationships in general had improved with nearly half (46%) saying they felt less stressed and 47% revealing they were having more sex.

Corinne Sweet, psychologist, psychotherapist and author, says: “Buying a little bit of heaven on Earth is how many discerning home owners view their precious holiday home purchases. They can provide an essential and welcome break from the pressures of the daily grind.

“What’s more, being able to get away relatively easy and quickly, to a familiar and safe place, can bring a very deep and basic human benefit.

“Regular distressing breaks mean increased productivity through better relationships and health, more fun, and even a more fulfilling sex life.”

Location, location, location

Jon Boston, a spokesman for the British Holiday and Home Parks Association (BH&HPA), which represents the mobile homes industry, also reports a growing interest in park-based holidays, and cites the main motivators as “the social advantages of friendships made with other holiday home owners”, and “the ability to enjoy frequent breaks in high-quality surroundings”.

In fact, when it comes to choosing the location for a holiday home, beautiful scenery is the key factor, with most holiday homes purchased in picturesque areas: Cornwall, South Hams, Norfolk, the Lake District and Pembrokeshire are the most popular spots.

The survey shows that while many people with holiday homes only visit them once a month (37%), the benefits can easily shape their daily lives.

“Using money wisely to increase your emotional and physical health has to make sense in our frantic 24/7 hyper-connected world, so it’s not surprising people are using their hard-earned funds to buy a bit of tranquillity and regrouping time away from home,” adds Sweet.

“As we live longer – and are more active and healthy into our 80 and 90s – wanting to enjoy regular and accessible breaks in nature, and staying connected with ourselves and others, will become increasingly important, necessary and popular.”