Even if you’re already feeling pretty happy – say, if you had a few last night but have woken up hangover free, or you got home and your partner hadn’t changed the locks – it’s International Day of Happiness, so your job for the day is to feel as happy as humanely possible. And take out the bins.

We’ve compiled a list of some great National Trust walks with scenery that will help you achieve that, and if the views aren’t quite cutting it, you’ll never be too far from a warm fire and a cold beverage.

1. Birling Gap walk – East Sussex

Three miles.

Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters, East Sussex

(Arnhel de Serra/National Trust)


Highlights: Incredible views over the coast and the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs. Start and finish at a delightful pub.

2. Craster to Low Newton coastal walk – Northumberland

Six miles.

Craster coastal walkview of DUnstanburgh castle
(Joe Cornish/National Trust)


Highlights: The mighty Dunstanburgh Castle, a beach, and all the magic of Northumberland in spring.

3. Chapel Cliff walk – Cornwall

One mile.

Chapel cliff walk scenery
(George Taylor/National Trust)


Highlights: Plenty of places to sit and admire the view, as well as a CAVE.

4. Porthgain to Abereiddi – Pembrokeshire

Four miles.

undefinedThe Blue Lagoon at Abereiddy
(David Sellman/National Trust)


Highlights: Can you not see the picture?! That famous blue lagoon was once a slate quarry, and this walk offers you great coastal scenery as well as a chance to see some of Pembrokeshire’s industrial past.

5. Longshaw Estate walk – Derbyshire

2.3 miles

undefinedThe Longshaw Estate in the Peak District
(Joe Cornish/National Trust)


Highlights: A tumbling stream, a bunch of pretty meadows and a place called Toad’s Mouth.

6. Dunwich Heath Gorse walk – Suffolk

2.4 miles

Dunwich Heath Gorse Walk
(Justin Minns/National Trust)


Highlights: Wildlife such as the Dartford warbler and something called the ant-lion, which you probably don’t want to run into. The heath won’t yet be as colourful as it will be later in the year, but it’ll still be smile-inducing.

7. Sugarloaf circuit – Monmouthshire

Four miles.

Sugarloaf summit in the sun
(Graham Bettiss/Natural Trust)


Highlight: The wooded valley is pretty great, and the views from the top of the famous Sugarloaf mountain are unrivalled.

8. Tramway tramp – Dorset

3.5 miles

Corfe Castle seen from East Hill
(Matthew Antrobus/National Trust)


Highlights: All six of Britain’s native reptiles can be found along this walk, if you keep your eyes peeled. The lesser seen views of Corfe Castle also make this walk utterly worth it.

9. Downhill Demesne – County Londonderry

Two miles.

Mussenden Temple on the Downhill Demesne
(Robert Morris/National Trust)


Highlights: Cliff walks, an apple orchard and a beautiful temple.

10. Wizard walk – Cheshire

One mile.

View from the edge of the escarpmen
(David Noton/National Trust)


Highlights: We saved the best for last. Or at least the one with the best name. But this walk will allow you to learn why it’s known as wizard walk, while exploring mining remains. Happy, happy, happy.

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