From cuckoo clocks to witchcraft, there are some very niche museums to be found here in Britain. 

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Make sure these wonders are on your to-see list:


Brothers Roman and Maz Piekarski set up this Cheshire museum to house their love affair with cuckoo clocks (above). After collecting for 20 years, the museum has over 600 clocks, as well as the tools and machines used to make them.

You can only see their time-keeping finds – including a rare 1850 parquetry style cuckoo clock – on pre-arranged group visits, so make sure you contact them beforehand to avoid going cuckoo yourself.

Teapot Island

Camilla at Teapot Island

This Guinness World record-breaking museum in Yalding in Kent allows you to enjoy the lighter side of tea drinking with a collection of over 6,700 novelty teapots. It even has the royal seal of approval after the Duchess of Cornwall paid a visit earlier this year.

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As well as enjoying a wide variety of teapots, you can purchase one made by resident potter Gary Seymour of Seymour Designs. And if all those teapots leave you desperate for a cuppa, why not stop off for a cream tea in the café?

The Pencil Museum

Phil Jupitus at Pencil Museum

Situated in the heart of the Lake District, this quirky museum is home to the world’s very first pencil.

Visited by over 80,000 visitors each year (including comedian Phil Jupitus), the Pencil Museum’s latest exhibit uncovers the secrets behind the escape artist’s pencil – a pencil that RAF pilots carried with them during the war to guide them safely home.

Kids can let their imagination run wild with creative crafts in the Art Studio as well as learning how colour is adding to pencils today.

The Dog Collar Museum

The dog collar museum

You’d be barking mad to miss this one of a kind collection housed in Leeds Castle in Kent.

While it’s only a small museum, admission also allows you to enjoy Leeds Castle and the surrounding estate for the whole year. Spanning five centuries, the collection includes many examples of collars from chains for the hunting hounds of the past to canine couture for 21st century pooches.

The Museum Of Witchcraft

Witch Museum in Bocastle

Whisper, ‘double, double, toil and trouble’ as you walk along the dark corridors of this magical museum based in Boscastle, on the north coast of Cornwall.

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Home to the world's largest collection of all things witchy, there are spooky exhibits and magical mementos that’ll have the whole family cackling with delight. But beware - this museum comes with a warning advising children and those of a sensitive disposition about the scary exhibits. We’re in!

Photo credits: Twitter / Google Street View