Hit BBC Two crime drama Peaky Blinders returns for a fourth series on Wednesday, November 15, and no doubt viewers up and down the UK will be watching eagle-eyed.

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Set during the aftermath of World War I, the show follows the lives of the Peaky Blinder gangsters on the unruly streets of Birmingham, and with the likes of Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy among the cast, the gangster family has won over a host of critics and fans from around the globe – including Brad Pitt!

If you’re a lover of the ruthless gang - and want to rule the streets of Birmingham as they do, or visit the show’s set locations in Liverpool - here are five ways that you can have your own Peaky Blinders experience…

1. Wonder through the streets of Birmingham 

What better way to get a real sense of the post-war scandals than taking Brummie’s very own Peaky Tour?


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Peaky Tours are great for the avid fan - that is if you don’t mind walking around the same chilling streets where the infamous gang lived and fought. Visit peakytours.com for info.

2. Take a ride around the city on the Peaky Blinders Bus Tour

If you don’t fancy the hour-long walk around, why not join the Peaky Blinders Bus Tour, one of the guided tours offered on the Big Brum open top buses.

The bus tour includes a trip alongside the canal featuring the darker side of Birmingham, and you’ll also discover where the gang was based in Small Heath. You can book tickets through birmingham-tours.co.uk.

3. Enjoy a pint in the Peaky Blinders pub

This themed pub in Dale End, in the centre of Birmingham, simply named ‘The Peaky Blinder’, gives you a real taste of the show, with staff and punters dressed as though they’ve just stepped off the series’ set.


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One of the most popular beverages is the 1920s-inspired Peaky Blinder cocktail, made with whisky and blackcurrant.

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4. Step onto the show’s real-life set in Liverpool

On this Peaky Blinders set tour in central Liverpool, you can visit key Peaky Blinders filming locations where many of the primary scenes are filmed.

Highlights include stepping into the Shelby’s homes from series one and three, and find out all the juicy details from behind the scenes. Visit peakylocationstours.com for more information.

5. Visit the canals at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley

Venture 10 miles to the north-west of Birmingham, and you’ll find the official home of Peaky Blinders, the Black Country Living Museum, where you can take a canal boat trip.


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The museum is home to the Canal Arm & Boat Dock, where many of the series’ canal, rolling mill, stables and blacksmith's forge scenes are filmed. Visit bclm.co.uk for visitor information.