8 British islands you should visit this summer

With so many varied landscapes right on our doorsteps, why go anywhere other than the UK on holiday? Here are some of the best islands you can visit.

The UK is home to many beautiful scenic spots worth visiting. Here are some of our favourite islands you can visit to inspire you.

1. Anglesey

The Welsh island once home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge boasts beautiful beaches, plenty of wildlife, and great restaurants.

2. Isle of Wight

Just a short ferry ride from Portsmouth, here you’ll find Osborne House where Queen Victoria used to escape to be by the sea. There are also plenty of spots for water sports and cycling.

3. Outer Hebrides

Why not try island hopping around the Outer Hebrides? See the rugged coastlines, the local history, or even visit a whisky distillery or two.

4. Isle of Bute

Close to Scotland’s largest city of Glasgow, Bute has plenty of spots for fishing as well as some excellent architecture.

5. Guernsey

If you fancy a literary break, look no further than Guernsey were you can follow in the footsteps of French author, Victor Hugo or take in history in the German World War II tunnels.

6. Isles of Scilly

Come to this archipelago of over 100 islands for a slower pace of life. Try horse riding on the beaches or take in some of the history of the islands that have been occupied since the Stone Age.

7. Lundy

Just three miles from north to south, this small island is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Spot seals, puffins and carpets of bluebells.

8. Shetland

Beautiful beaches and superb seafood, what more could you want? Come in January and witness Up Helly Aa – the island’s most famous Viking festival.

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