5 of the world's spookiest destinations

Enjoy scaring yourself? Read about these creepy places – and maybe even dare to visit them, if you’re brave enough.

A weird trait about human nature is that some people like scaring themselves, usually by watching horror films.

But there are scary things in real-life too, with numerous creepy, and supposedly true, tales attached to real people and places all over the world.

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We've found some of the scariest...

1. The Island of the Dolls, Mexico City, Mexico

Located just south of Mexico City, between the Xochimilco Canals, is the Isla de las Munecas, or the Island of the Dolls. According to legend, the island is dedicated to a girl who drowned there many years ago. Her body was found by the island’s caretaker (or should that be scaretaker?), who began to hang dolls to appease the girl’s spirit. Hundreds of dolls - or parts of dolls - hang from trees or lie in the grass, and are believed to be possessed by the girl’s spirit.

Visitors claim they’ve seen the creepy severed limbs and decapitated heads of the dolls move, whisper, and have even seen some glassy doll’s eyes open.

2. Leap Castle, Ireland

This 15th century castle is said to be one of the most haunted castles in the world and has a long history of gruesome deaths. A priest was killed by his own brother during a mass in the chapel, now known as 'The Bloody Chapel'.

During the castle’s renovation, workers found a dungeon where people were locked away to die, and at the bottom of the dungeon’s shaft were spikes. When it was cleaned out, it’s said to have contained three cartloads of human bones.

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3. Pluckley village, Kent, England

Once named the most haunted village in England by Guinness World Records, this little village near Ashford, Kent, is said to be haunted by 12-16 ghosts, including the Screaming Man, who’s reputed to have fallen to his death from the village brickworks, and the highwayman who was run through with a sword and pinned to a tree at the village’s ‘Fright Corner’.

He now appears to the living as a shadowy figure.

4. Hunedoara Castle, Transylvania, Romania

Hunedoara Castle, also called the Corvin or Hunyad Castle, was the home of the infamous Vlad Dracula III, also known as Vlad the Impaler. This nasty man was said to have tortured and impaled prisoners in the Gothic castle’s dungeon, as well as murdering his twin children in their sleep before killing his wife by driving a spike through her skull after discovering she’d been unfaithful. Vlad is believed to haunt the castle alongside his victims.

The stunning building has been renovated, although not without delay – workmen are said to have downed tools 20 years ago after seeing Dracula’s medallion, which he supposedly used to call Satan.

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5. Paris Catacombs, France

The catacombs are miles of dark, eerie tunnels underneath the French capital which were filled with the bones of six million Parisians dug up when the city’s graveyards got too full in the late 18th century.

A section of the catacombs is open to the public, but if you want to see the creepy tunnels lined with bones, make sure you go with an experienced guide – rumour has it that visitors have died down there after getting lost.

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