Fancy a night in the clink? Or just a snoop around a criminal facility?

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Love Netflix comedy drama Orange Is The New Black? Here are a few prisons from around the globe you can take a look inside of, and even spend the night…

1. Alcatraz: San Francisco Bay, USA


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One of the most famous prison islands of all time, this former maximum-security facility was nicknamed “The Rock” and has had some major Hollywood blockbusters set there (The Rock and Birdman of Alcatraz). American gangster Al “Scarface” Capone was kept there in its heyday, but the prison was officially closed in 1963. Today you can tour the cells and sail round the island.


2. Robben Island: Table Bay, South Africa


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This prison island was in use until 1996, and was where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years. The island is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can see inside Mandela's cell and learn about the hundreds of political prisoners once held here. Tours take around four hours, including the ferry to and from the island, and are led by former political prisoners. And you can spot the island’s famous penguin colony to boot. Visit

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3. Pianosa: Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy


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Having closed in 1997, Pianosa is a secluded island in the Tuscan archipelago, between Montecristo and Elba, where Napoleon was exiled. Towards its final years it held some of Italy's most dangerous Mafia leaders.

Now a protected natural environment with incredible marine life off its coast, you have to register to tour the abandoned prison. On nearby island Gorgona, a still functioning penal colony is also available to tour. Visit

4. Port Arthur: Tasmania, Australia


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This former convict settlement is one of Australia’s most historic tourist destinations. Tour the penitentiary ruin, wander through the Isle of the Dead cemetery, visit Point Puer boys’ prison, where around 3,000 boys, some as young as 9, were incarcerated.

Plus, if you’re feeling brave, take the night-time, lantern-lit ghost tour of the island and be thoroughly spooked out. Visit

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5. Hotel Katajanokka: Helsinki, Finland


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This hotel is based within the former Helsinki county prison, with much of the original building preserved – including the building’s exterior and central corridor, fortunately there aren’t bars on the windows. Visit

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