Love pirates? Why not start planning your own getaway with a swashbuckler-style escape?

Whether it’s plundering treasure, sailing the high seas or a buccaneer’s feast, we explore the golden age of piracy with a voyage of our own.

To celebrate the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge in the BT TV Store, we’ve rounded up the best places where pirate fans can don their tricorn hat and play-act at being a real rogue or scallywag…

1. Pirate’s Quest, Newquay

A combination of special effects, live performances and a make believe Caribbean island, Pirate’s Quest will engulf you with 18th century Cornwall while you map the winds of fortune that lead to the chest of treasure.

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2. Disneyland Paris: Pirate Galleon

Celebrating their 25th anniversary, Disney boasts a monster of a galleon and it’ll be all hands on deck when you climb aboard the Jolly Roger. But beware, ghostly pirates lurk behind vast cannons and if you refuse to surrender? The punishment is having to walk the plank.

3. Pirate’s Adventure, Mallorca

A Spanish escapade, the Hispaniola will take you on an epic expedition with enough entertainment to delight the entire crew. Choose between the Main Deck, Quarter Deck or the Ultimate Pirates Adventure VIP Captain’s Tables where you can glug sangria while watching thrilling sword fights.

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4. Black Pearl Party Cruises, Barbados

Set in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, the Jolly Roger pirate cruises offer plenty of attractions to get excited about. With a suntrap on the top deck, swimming experiences with turtles, a rope-swing, calypso music, and their signature Pirate Rum Punch, what’s not to love?

5. Captain Memos Pirate Cruise, Clearwater Beach, Florida

A two hour journey to seek out dolphins and be enlightened in pirate code, the Pirate’s Ransom will keep your ‘goblet full of grog’ while you enjoy water gun games, pirate tales, searching for hidden treasure, or just sunbathing while the kids have their faces painted.

6. Cayman Islands Pirates Week Festival 2017

Live the golden age of piracy when you head to Grand Cayman for their annual festival (November 9 to 19) that pays homage to pirate legends and lore. Thousands of visitors will be waving the skull and crossbones flag as they watch the parades, live music shows, fireworks and there’s even a costume contest.

7. Cheung Po Tsai Pirate Cave, Hong Kong

Transport yourself into the world of Hong Kong’s pirate history when you head to Cheng Chau island, six miles off the coast of Hong Kong. According to legend, this is where Cheng Po, the region’s most notorious pirate hid his riches. None has ever been found, but you can explore the cave to check for yourself.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge – Bonus Edition is available to buy now in the BT TV Store and to rent from October 2.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Collection, featuring the first four films in the series, is also available to buy now in the BT TV Store.

Press the BT Player button on your remote control, scroll across to Film and browse now. Alternatively, press the blue button to search for the TV box set you want.

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