Video: This hot cross bun porridge recipe is the perfect start to your Easter Sunday

It will prime you for a day full of eating chocolate.

Press Association
Last updated: 31 March 2018 - 9.24am

With all the chocolate, hot cross buns and simnel cakes, Easter isn’t exactly the healthiest time of year.

Over the four-day weekend, on a diet consisting mainly of chocolate eggs, there are definitely points when some of us fancy something a little less sugary.

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This shouldn’t mean you have to completely miss out on your favourite Easter treats though. In fact, you can eat slightly healthier things that still have a seasonal twist.

Take this recipe for hot cross bun porridge from MOMA Foods – it features the ground mixed spice and raisin goodness of the classic baked good, but isn’t quite so stodgy and heavy. It’s pretty much the perfect way to start your Easter Sunday, leaving you primed and ready to attack your cupboard full of chocolate.