Fitness First personal trainer Phoebe has identified nine easy exercises for toning legs, arms, bums and tums which you can do in the comfort of your own home and help you lose weight.

Using everyday objects, like jars of coffee, sofa cushions and books, this workout is easy on the joints and takes just 10 minutes.

So set yourself the challenge and do this workout 5 times a week.

1 – The seated squat

Best for: Toning the bum and thighs
The move: Stand with your back to the sofa with your feet hip-width apart, take a step to the side and squat so that your bottom is just touching the sofa; bring the other foot back in so your feet are together. Repeat this eight times on each side.

2 – The plank pull

Best for: Toning arms and love handles
The move: Start with your palms face down on the sofa with your feet stretched out behind you as straight as possible (known as ‘the plank’). Walk your hands along to the edge of the sofa, open the top arm towards the ceiling in a twist. Repeat 16 times.

3 – The sofa step-up

Best for: Targeting the legs
The move: Face your sofa with your hands on your hips. Step up onto the sofa with one leg, bring the other leg up and point your foot before bringing it down and repeating eight times on each leg.

4 – The book of abs

Best for: Tightening a wobbly tum
The move: Lay on the floor with your legs stretched straight up into the air. Using a few books, take your arms over your head and crunch up towards your feet. Repeat 16 times.

5 – The pillow plank

Best for: Getting rid of bingo wings
The move: Take a press-up position on the sofa. Reach under one arm and grab a cushion, dragging it under your body and over to the other side. Repeat 16 times.

6 – The kitchen curtsey

Best for: Thighs
The move: Stand facing your kitchen worktop with your fingertips on the edge. Bend at the knee and slowly lower yourself down into an extended curtsey. Do this eight times on each leg.

7 – The bingo wing dip

Best for: Waving goodbye to bingo wings
The move: Stand with your back to your kitchen worktop with your hands placed behind you at shoulder width. Bend at the elbow and lower your body towards the floor; when you hit 90 degrees, push your hands into the counter and raise your body weight until your arms lock out. Repeat 16 times - or as long as it takes for the kettle to boil!

8 – The lunge slide

Best for: Inner thighs
The move: Place an old tea towel on the floor. Place one foot on the towel, bend your other knee and slide the towel away from you with your leg to a comfortable spot. Drag the towel back to the centre so your knees are touching, and repeat eight times on each leg.

9 - The coffee twist

Best for: Everything!
The move: Grab a weight (a jar of coffee is perfect) and hold at chest height in one hand. Start with your feet hip-width apart, lower your body weight down at the knee and then return to standing. Once you’re standing straight, reach the weight over your head so you’re twisting your sides and bring back to the front. Repeat eight times on each arm.

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