Let’s face it – if you buy a gym membership for the new year, you’ll probably not use it as much as you intended to in the first week of January, when you still feel really fat and full from Christmas Day.

Your brand new trainers will sit there looking all sad and the few times you do go to the gym you’ll mainly just sit on the exercise bike and well, not really pedal.

And when you look at these sports, running on the treadmill seems so very 2015.

1. Paddle boarding

Supposed to be amazing for your abs – we all have them hiding in there somewhere, right? Plus lying down on the boards is pretty nice, if it all gets a bit much. Trickier than it looks, but a great way to get out on the water.

2. Ultimate Frisbee

woman throws frisbee in the rain
(Niall Carson/PA)

Yes, we’re calling it a sport… and it’s apparently not just a uni thing.

Described as a fast-moving team sport played with a flying disc, turns out London has a pretty thriving Ultimate scene, with leagues and teams playing at all levels – local, national and international.

3. Tag rugby

People get a bit put off playing rugby because of, well, all the tackling. That’s where tag comes in. It’s a mixed sport, fun socially – essentially non-contact rugby league.

Generally played in the seven-a-side format. Try Tag Rugby have mixed, men’s and ladies weekday evening or weekend leagues running across London, The Thames Valley and Yorkshire year round. Matches last 40 minutes – oh, and there’s free taster sessions, if you’re remembering having to play in P.E. lessons and are still a bit unsure.

4. Dodgeball

Sport GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY

If there’s a film about it, it’s got to be fun… right?!

GO Mammoth is a club for adults looking to maximise their spare time through playing sport. And yep, dodgeball is one of the crazier team sports that you could, you never know, get really good at…

5. Lindy Hop

Hellzapoppin GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY

One you’ve perhaps never heard off…but things are taking off in the lindy hop world. Also known as Jitterbug, it’s the authentic Afro-Euro-American Swing dance.

6. Trampoline parks

Timeline Photos – Gravity Trampoline Parks Maidstone | Facebook

Literally the best excuse to behave like a kid for the afternoon. And these don’t just have normal trampolines – oh no. Some (and BTW they’re popping up all over the place – this one is Gravity in Maidstone, Kent) have added fun like giant foam pits.

7. Salsa

salsa dancers
(Andres Kudacki/AP)

Okay, there’s no guarantee you’ll look like this, and no, you can’t go just for the drinks if you go to a salsa bar. You have to actually dance too.

But salsa dancing is a great way to meet people and such a fun way to spend a Friday night.

8. Ice skating

Ice skating is for life, not just for Christmas.

Yes, it might feel weird going to a rink in the middle of summer, but you can really feel the burn after whizzing round for an hour, and it never fails to be amusing.

Tip: after some practising, take along someone who’s never/hardly skated before and you’ll feel like you could join Torvill and Dean.

9. Climbing

Of course, some people take this sport very seriously and climb actual mountains – which sounds fun, but you could also just try somewhere like clip n climb.

There’s ones all over the country, including as far south as Exeter, and a great one in Chelsea for Londoners – and honestly, there’s slides and they look SO COOL (yes, it’s for adults).

10. Table tennis

Bit like the salsa dancing (you may notice a theme here actually), this one can be done while at a bar. Bounce in London, for example, is a bar filled with table tennis tables.

And while you may not imagine you work up much of a sweat with this sport – you’d be surprised, if you really go for it.

11. Golf

Okay, okay – we’re not sure if mini golf really counts. However, it does involve being active, soooo…

Meanwhile, there’s top golf – you can challenge your friends and family to addictive point-scoring golf games that anyone can play all year-round.

And then for proper golf, some 18-hole golf courses are truly beautiful, and being able to successfully swing a golf club sounds, well, kinda fun (and hilarious).

12. Spinning classes

So this has been a bit of a thing for a while now… but some places are really upping their game with making the exercise class more exciting (it’s also famously hard so expect a good work-out). Psycle London has sessions to hip hop music – yes, really.

13. Tough Mudder

Not really a sport, more like a collection of sports to do all in one go… and in a lot of mud. Basically a huge obstacle course, these events (which seem to happen a couple of times a year) look pretty intense – but a pretty cool thing to train for.

There’s several other similar ones – like Tuff Enuff and their Urban Survivor races in towns.

14. Horse riding

(David Davies/PA)

Some people might argue this is a difficult one to do if you don’t live in the country side – but actually, if you investigate, there’s stables all around.

And it’s a really lovely sport to have a go at, reliving childhood dreams of having your own little pony.

15. Kayaking

Not one just for when you go on school activity trips, kayaking means you can get up close and really explore beautiful waterways.

16. Barre

Meant to really help with flexibility and balance. And If you’re aiming for Black Swan beauty over Bootcamp buff, Barre offers a perfect mix of stretching and toning to help you sculpt the ballet body you’re after.

17. Frisbee/disc golf

You know it sounds awesome. Involves throwing the disc into things like the above – and there are over 30 courses across the UK. Who knew?!