We all love to wheel out an excuse as to why we’ve passed up the pear for a pizza or shunned a salad for chips.

Because let’s be honest, eating healthily just isn’t as fun or as delicious as something mouth-wateringly indulgent.

And new research from Vouchercloud.co.uk has found the five excuses we often use to explain why we don’t eat healthily.#

What we love is that the respondents’ number one reason is exactly the same as our own – healthy and low-fat food simply doesn’t taste as good as the junk!

Out of the 2,000 Brits surveyed, 73% said they’d rather eat something unhealthy than healthy and gave the following reasons:

1. Junk food tastes so much better

2. Healthy food is too expensive

3. It takes less time to prepare and cook unhealthy meals

4. Find it more filling than fruit or salad

5. It’s the go-to food in my social group

As for how much we spend on food, the survey found that the average Brit spends £248.05 a month on unhealthy  food  - including takeaways and eating out – compared to an average spend of £67.59 per month on healthy food.

Food for thought indeed…

What’s your top excuse for not eating healthy? Share yours in the Comments box below.