To the uninitiated, having a skin peel sounds a tad unpleasant.

Admittedly, I had a few nerves when I signed up to undergo a treatment at Asthetics Lab. Would it hurt? Would my skin go all flaky afterwards? Would my face be temporarily left red and blotchy?

As soon as I arrived at the medical spa in Primrose Hill, these were all worries that clinician Gwen and the rest of the staff were quick to reassure me about. I was recommended a mild Acne Peel; a mix of almond and aspirin to treat my spot-prone complexion.

As my hour-long treatment began, it would be fair to say that I still had reservations. After my make-up was removed and my skin thoroughly cleaned and cleansed with different products, I was ready for the peel. I was told to expect stinging and said I would be asked at various stages what my pain level was: one for none at all, 10 for utterly unbearable.

With the prep over, I braced myself.

However, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that throughout the whole procedure, the level of discomfort for me personally didn’t reach beyond a four. Admittedly there was slight stinging and moments where I felt pinching, but nothing that could be described as painful.

With a large dose of UV light for good measure, the Acne Peel targeted blocked pores, blackheads, whiteheads and inflammation, as well as minimising fine lines and giving a more even skin tone.

These were all skin complaints that I instantly noticed had been reduced straight after the peel was removed. And I wasn’t imagining it. As a woman who usually has grey and sullen skin, friends and colleagues remarked on my glowing skin the following day and the effects have lasted over half a week on.

All of my misconceptions and preconceptions about a skin peel turned out to be completely unfounded. The procedure was actually completely relaxing, effective and perfect for those – such as myself – who have generally poor skin condition. It turns out a skin peel at Aesthetics Lab is all gain, and no pain.

Prices start at £95 for skin peels and there is a wide variety to choose from including Pumpkin peel, Lite Refresh Pee, Anti-Ageing Peel and Acne peel. For more information or to book, visit the Aesthetics Lab website.