Feeling overindulged and a bit pooped after the party season? Well, you’re not alone.

With more than 2 million people planning to abstain from drinking alcohol in January (according to Alcohol Concern), some of us will be going to even greater measures in an attempt to cleanse, detox and lose weight.

But if you want to do more than just drink an adequate amount of water, here are 7 steps to getting your body into better shape:

1. Nettle tea

A cure-all, stinging nettles can treat a wide variety of health conditions – and drinking stinging nettle tea or a bowl of stinging nettle soup can help the body expel toxins.

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A natural diuretic, the prickly leaves (when boiled) can eliminate impurities, get rid of excess toxins, improve circulation and help the digestive system.

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2. Book a massage

A favourite spa treatment, having a relaxing massage is one of life’s little luxuries.

But try booking an intense treatment – such as a sports massage, which focuses on the pressure points – and your therapist will be getting rid of toxins from the body as well as working your tissues.

Try booking through Wahanda, which has offers and venues up and down the country.

3. Breathing

There’s no rocket science to breathing deeply. Filling your lungs with air and allowing the oxygen to circulate through your system will help the body’s cleansing and detoxifying systems work to full capacity.  

4. Charcoal

Available in health stores, taking activated charcoal tablets as a detoxifying treatment can relieve digestive issues, gas and bloating.

By working as an antidote, charcoal absorbs toxins, chemicals and poisons and helps rid the body of unwanted substances before they can harm you.

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5. Exercising

Exercising so you build up a sweat will not only help you lose a few pounds, but will also get rid of toxins.

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And the good news is, you don’t need to be a gym bunny: you can get a glow from a fast walk, running up and down the stairs, or simply sitting in a sauna. Even a skipping rope will help you work up a sweat, cleanse the body and help with digestion and circulation.

6. Detox patches

Getting into the habit of placing a detox foot pad at the bottom of your socks before going to bed could work wonders when you wake up.

The product draws toxins out of the body while you sleep, and the darkened appearance on the pad marks the toxins that have been removed overnight.

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7. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the best forms of cleansing – and all you have to do is lie down and relax! It works by small needles being placed in the surface of the skin where areas may be blocked, causing pain or discomfort.

Sounds like a great excuse to put your feet up after all the festive entertaining…

Have you ever tried acupuncture? Or another detox routine? Share you experiences in the Comments below.