If you’re worried about having a heart attack or a stroke, a new online test could tell you whether you’re at risk.

Created by NHS Choices, What’s your heart age? is an online tool designed to find out whether your heart age is higher or lower than your actual age.

Available to anyone over 30, the test asks the user 16 questions on their lifestyle and medical history.

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It starts by asking your age, gender and whether you have a cardiovascular disease. It also asks for your postcode, as people in some areas of the UK tend to have a better heart health than others.

The test then asks about your lifestyle, such as whether you smoke, your height, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol, all of which can determine the likelihood of you having a heart attack.

If the user does not have these numbers to hand, the tool uses UK national averages.

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The final part of the tool asks whether you suffer from a range of illnesses, including diabetes, arthritis and kidney disease.

The test then calculates the results, giving you an average heart age compared to people of the same gender, age and ethnicity “without raised risk factors.”

It also estimates how long you can expect to live without having a heart attack or stroke along with a percentage risk of having a heart or stroke in the next 10 years.

Want to find out how old your heart is? Click here to take the online test.