Michelle always looks gorgeous. Whether it’s her full lips, toned body, glossy hair or skin routine, a quick search online reveals that her fans are absolutely obsessed with finding out how they can emulate the Our Girl star’s look.

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And I’m no different. A definite girl crush of mine, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Michelle look anything less than glamorous. So I was thrilled to be invited by High Definition to try out their HD Brows treatment to get Michelle’s distinctive sculpted brows and luscious lashes

michelle keegan

While I’m no stranger to an eyebrow pencil and a mascara wand, I’ve never got my either my brows or lashes professionally worked on – and really didn’t know what to expect.

Not a fan of the thick, painted 'Scouse Brow', I was relieved when the HD consultant asked me to describe the look I was after and tailored the process to my desired end results, which is standard procedure for all HD Brow customers.

The HD Brow brand has been around for 10 years, serving the beauty obsession of the decade – well defined and groomed eyebrows.

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The treatment itself lasts for around 40 minutes and merges multiple brow treatments into one. There’s a bit of threading, tweezing, waxing, tinting and make-up involved. While there was a little pain, it was nothing major, and the end result was more than worth it.

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Gone were my thinning and a little unruly brows and in place were two masterpieces! Adding shape, fullness and definition, I felt one step closer to getting Michelle’s smouldering eye look.

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Next up was Nouveau Lashes LVL Enhance, which is about an hour procedure that uses your natural lashes to achieve a lifted, extended look and replaces the need for mascara.

I have never got on well with “falsie” eyelashes and the idea of having an extension stuck on one a time always seemed a bit tedious, so I was excited to find out how I could naturally enhance my lashes.

LVL Lash Lift has long been a favourite procedure of Michelle’s who told OK: “LVL Enhance is the revolutionary natural lash treatment that adds length, volume and lift to natural lashes.”

before and after

Before and After receiving HD Brows and Nouveau Lashes LVL Enhance

With my eyes tight shut, a silicone pad was applied to my upper lid lashes, adding noticeable volume and a lengthening effect. After about 40 minutes this was removed and a tint was added to really give that lash wow factor.

The end results? I absolutely love both the looks and they’ve given my eyes an impeccably groomed and defined frame. And what’s more, the lashes look extra voluminous when mascara is applied on top.

I can see why Michelle is such a fan as it really does bring attention to the eyes, adds a polished look and a glamorous edge.