He may have been surprised to win Celebrity Big Brother, but comedian Jim Davidson said he got an even bigger shock when TV coverage on the show revealed just how loudly he snored.

But his celebrity housemates were not the first to have complained. In fact Jim's wife Michelle Cotton, 42, had suffered sleepless nights because of his snoring for years.

After trying out different types of snoring aids including plugs, strips, sprays and hoods and even splashing out on a waterbed – all to no avail - Davidson says a £35 ring worn on the little finger has silenced his snores and enabled them to share a bed once again.

"I wear the ring every night now and it has been fantastic,” said 60-year-old Davidson.

“It works. I don't know if it's just me, psychological or just plain magic but it works.

"My wife and I are now planning a baby and the neighbours have moved back in.”

In denial

But for loud snorers like Jim the problem is no laughing matter - and their partners will agree.

He says he had refused to accept his snoring was as disruptive as his wife claimed, despite the fact that he was frequently sent to the spare room so she could get some sleep.

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So upon seeing the playbacks of the show the evidence made it clear Jim needed to tackle the problem once and for all.

Before joining she show his snoring had become such a problem at home that Michelle often slept with earplugs in.

But she says even that wasn't enough to drown out the din and he still found himself banished to the spare room night after night.

He joked that his snoring was so loud that even their dogs refused to share a bedroom with him.

And he refused to admit how serious the problem was until he saw the show.

He said: "When the rest of the housemates agreed I snored with the same decibels of a speeding train, I was outraged at their blatant lies".

But playbacks left him with no doubt.

‘Walrus with a sore throat’

"The fact that six million people knew I sounded like a walrus with a sore throat was even more embarrassing," he said.

He said after his bed was moved away to allow the others to get some sleep he tried desperately not to snore.

But it was easier said than done. "How do you do that? I lay awake for hours waiting for the others to start snoring before I allowed myself the pleasure of a few hours shut eye.

"By the end of the show I looked like a wrinkled walnut with more bags than a left luggage office".

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Back home he said his snoring got so bad that he even suffered throat irritation requiring anti-inflammatory injections from his GP.

Purchasing a water bed also failed to make any difference before he tried the Good Night Anti Snoring Ring and says he now believes the product could help millions of other snorers.

After his first full night of sleep without snoring he said his wife even presented him with his favourite cooked breakfast.

A relieved Jim said: "Seeing as my wife looks at breakfast like a vampire views garlic that was some feat.

"I wear the ring every night now".

Do you share a bed with a loud snorer? What are your cures? Tell us in the Comments below.