The majority of people in the UK now believe that there should be a smoking ban on doctors, nurses and dentists, according to a new study.

62% of Britons surveyed said they believe health service staff should face enforced restriction on smoking

A OnePoll survey recently commissioned by Nicoccino, the new smokeless way to experience pure nicotine, asked smokers and non-smokers across the UK which industries they thought should have restrictions on smoking.

Those employed as health professionals topped the list for a smoking ban, closely followed by people working in the food industry.

61% of those asked also called for bartenders, chefs and waiting staff to have their smoking privilege removed, feeling that they should work in an environment free of cigarettes.

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Half of those taking part in the survey also considered the emergency services as a profession where smoking should be limited, while 46% thought that those working in education should also face a complete ban on smoking.

After ten years of development, Nicoccino has brought to the market an effective solution for smokers to use at times when they can't or don't want to smoke, delivering pure nicotine through a discreet oral film.

Nicoccino, CEO, Michel Bracké, said: "We have developed a product that can be used in environments where you cannot smoke, giving professionals of all industries more freedom and choice in their working life.

"Nicoccino is the smokeless way to experience pure nicotine and the discreet 'under-lip' delivery system avoids the need to step away from the important things in your life."

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