A 27-year-old who suffered from painful migraines since childhood says she was cured when a doctor took her back to a past life in 1800s America.

Kimberley Wyld, from Ilfracombe, Devon, was hypnotised by regression therapist Nicolas Aujula.

He believes injuries suffered in a past life remain with us and travel from that body to the next, where we experience it in another way.

But, if we re-live it, we will be cured.

Put to sleep in summer 2012, Kimberley was transported back to her past life where she witnessed a beam falling on her head.

Now, two years on, she hasn’t suffered a single attack.

“I started getting migraines when I was 13,” she explains. “They made me feel sick and I couldn’t concentrate at school.

My mum Jeanette got them too, so I took her tablets but they only numbed the pain temporarily.

“For six years I suffered on and off. Then in 2000 they came back while I was working in recruitment, in London. It was a stressful job with long hours.”

Every few months Kimberley would get a migraine every day for three weeks.

“My eyesight would go blurry so I couldn’t focus on my computer or paperwork and I would have to leave the office early,” she says.

“There was no way I could keep taking time off so I’d often battle on. My doctor advised I stay away from cheese and chocolate and keep taking the migraine tablets. At one stage I was taking up to four pills a day.

“He put the migraines down to stress, but they started coming on when I wasn’t even at work.

“I couldn’t arrange anything with family and friends in advance, in case I got a migraine that day, and if I did make plans I'd often have to cancel.”

In May 2012, Kimberley became an estate agent.

“I would get out the office for plenty of fresh air, but the migraines didn’t go away,” she says.

“Then that August I saw an advert online, claiming regression therapy could cure health conditions.

“I was sceptical but reasoned it couldn't make my migraines any worse, so why not give it a go. I visited Nicolas who put me to sleep then asked who I was in my past life and what I could see,” Kimberley says.

“A vision appeared clearly in my mind. My name was Charlotte and I was in my twenties. I lived in an old shack with my parents and 8-year-old brother, in 19th century America.

“Nicholas asked what happened next and the words flowed out my mouth. Our house had burnt down and my family was dead.

"In the next scene I was married with a child. But my husband worked away, so feeling lonely I left him and lived as a single parent.

“One day I walked out onto our porch and a beam fell and hit me on the left side of my head - the exact point where my migraines always struck.

“While I was hypnotised I could feel the intense pain, even though it wasn’t real. “After Nicolas brought me round, I felt tired, like I’d had a long sleep, but hopeful.”

Now, despite the stress of buying her first home with fiancé Sam, 29, and planning their wedding, Kimberley hasn’t had any migraines.

Kimberley says. “I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s painless so I’m all for it.”