There’s no need to roll out a yoga mat for these easy stretches – they can all be done in a chair.

Whether you’re suffering from joint tension, twinges of back pain or a lack of flexibility, leading yoga expert Danielle Collins has devised a series of easy-to-follow moves to help loosen you up.

Designed to be performed while sitting down, it’s simple to make these movements a part of your daily routine as you can do them on the sofa - why not give them a whirl while watching EastEnders or Corrie?

And if you’re feeling stressed or find it hard to relax, they’ll help to quieten the mind and free up any tensions that might be blocking you from truly zoning out.

You can do more of this at home with Danielle's Yoga and Pilates DVD to lift and tone and her Gentle Yoga DVD to enhance Wellbeing. You can also download her Body Yoga and Wellbeing Yoga App by searching Danielle Collins on your Apple or Android App Store.'

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