According to a new survey, more than a quarter of British men feel they get a monthly ‘man period’, and, as today (November 19) is International Men’s Day, we thought we’d investigate.

Dubbed a ‘man period’, it seems women aren’t the only ones struggling with mid-month fatigue, even if it’s not quite so biologically driven – it’s not like men have a uterus after all. 

The survey of 2,412 blokes revealed that more than a quarter of British men (26%) experience a patch of time every month when they feel grouchier, more tired and when their cravings ratchet up a notch.

The poll, carried out by discount brand Vouchercloud, even discovered that men tend to spend roughly £81.53 per month on extra snacks and takeaways to satisfy those very cravings.

In fact, 48% of the women who took part in the survey agreed with the results, admitting that they’d definitely spotted ‘man period’ symptoms in their other halves – 18% even reckoned their partner “handles their ‘period’ worse than I do”.

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Top five symptoms of 'male periods'

These were the top billed ‘man period’ symptoms according to the survey:
1.      Irritability
2.      More tired than normal
3.      Increased cravings e.g. chocolate, ice cream
4.      Constant hunger
5.      Easily upset

Bloating and feeling more sensitive about their weight were also up there, while 5% said they also experienced ‘menstrual cramps’ (yeah, right!).

Chris Johnson, head of operations at Vouchercloud, said: “There have long been rumours about men having their own version of PMS, but these findings show this is a real phenomenon which many British men experience.

“PMS may well be a biological effect for women only, but clearly a lot of men have their own monthly ups and downs to handle too!

“We’d suggest that men take their lead from the ladies in order to cope with their ‘man periods’; gentle exercise, plenty of sleep and a healthy diet should help you get back on track in no time – but there’s no problem with a night spent eating pizza and ice cream on the sofa either!”

The science

Over the years various studies have found that men can exhibit PMS-like symptoms. Irritable Man Syndrome – linked to fluctuating hormones – has been put forward by experts too, but this is often related to testosterone deficiencies.

At any rate this survey hasn’t been confirmed scientifically – it’s all quite subjective – and remember, 65% of the participants didn’t believe ‘man periods’ were a thing at all, while 9% were “unsure” whether they experienced them personally.

Remember to point that out if your husband is using his ‘man period’ as an excuse not to help out around the house!
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Do you or the men in your life suffer from their own kind of PMS? Let us know in the Comments section.