As summer approaches, many of us will be looking for ways to slim down and be rid of our guts in preparation for the perfect holiday photos.

Yet nutritionists and health professionals alike say that paying attention to our insides should be an all year round activity.

Core Charity, which focuses on gut, liver and pancreas diseases, says that digestive diseases are a factor in one in eight deaths in the UK.

A new book from American author Dr Josh Axe, Eat Dirt, looks at the five different gut types and the foods suitable for each one.
So why not discover which you are and what you should be avoiding this summer and beyond.

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Gut type 1: Candida

Are you a sucker for the sweet stuff? A person with the 'candida' gut type is likely to have a diet high in sugar and may be over-consuming foods such as smoothies, salads and dairy products.

You may experience cravings, bad breath, joint pain, gas and bloating.

An obvious way to counteract these symptoms is to avoid the foods mentioned above, choosing instead broths, herbal teas, soups, baked fruit and foods with immune -boosting qualities such as garlic and grapefruit.

Dr Axe also recommends that people with 'candida' gut types avoid caffeine and alcohol – so not why not swap that poolside piña colada for a mocktail?



Gut type 2: Immune

Sufferers of inflammatory bowel disease and IBS are most likely to have the 'immune' gut type.

As people with these problems may already know, the only real solution is to ditch irritant foods such as gluten or dairy products completely.

Dr Axe recommends a food diary as a useful tool to discover which foods are causing the problems and says that in moments of need, bone broth and coconut oil can be perfect antidotes.

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Gut type 3: Stressed

Spend too much time at the office? Find it difficult to switch off at night? You probably have the 'stressed' stomach type.

Symptoms of this type include a low sex drive, insomnia, allergies, poor focus and muscle weakness.

Stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, and sugar should be avoided, Dr Axe says, as they can cause bloating, with herbal tea a great replacement.

Food such as purple cabbage, berries, pumpkin, nuts, avocado, yoghurt, salmon and grass-fed beef can really help people with this gut type.

Gut type 4: Gastric

People with a 'gastric' gut may suffer from bloating, acid reflux and gas.

Eating little and often is better for people with this gut type and Dr Axe encourages chewing food thoroughly before swallowing.

Another useful technique is to slurp warm water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before you eat, as it lowers the pH in your stomach. Then, only drink between meals as doing so during can water down stomach acid and hinder digestion.

Coffee and processed foods should also be swapped for fruit and vegetables.

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Gut type 5: Toxic

If you have the 'toxic' gut type, you probably already know. This one is characterized by skin conditions and gall bladder disease, so fatty foods should be avoided at all costs.

Opt instead for high fibre foods which can aid your liver and gall bladder such as juices, green fruits and vegetables. Turmeric can also be very effective for liver support!

What gut type are you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below