If you’re one of those people who resolutely keep their shoes on because their feet smell, or have been nicknamed cheesy feet, then you will want to read on.

First things first - it’s not your fault that they smell. And it’s not caused by sweat – well, not directly.

According to the scientists behind YouTube channel Reactions: Everyday Chemistry, it’s all down to gas-emitting bacteria.

Sweat is odourless but plays a pivotal role in the stench, which this foul-smelling bacteria loves to feast on, along with dead skin.

And it’s made even worse by socks and shoes, which leave very little breathing room for your feet – creating the perfect environment for the bacteria to thrive.

As the bacteria feeds on the warm and moisture, it emits a nasty smelling gas – and that’s what makes your feet so smelly.

So what can you do about it? According to Reactions, you need to target sweat, bacteria and dead skin in the following ways…

Washing and scrubbing

Wash your feet with antibacterial soap and try using a pumice stone to remove dead skin, cutting out that bacterial food supply.

Breathable socks

Swap your socks for a pair made from a breathable, natural material like cotton to let moisture in. Be sure to change them daily too.

Air your shoes

When you take your shoes off, leave them to air and try to keep them dry.

Use a deodorant

After a spray or swipe of your antiperspirant on your armpits, use it on your feet too. This will help keep them sweat-free and dry.

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