Shop at Waitrose and think of yourself as middle class? Or perhaps you only shop in Harrods and would identify yourself as belonging to the upper class?

According to the BBC, it’s a bit more complicated than a three-tier class society.

Professor Mike Savage, from the London School of Economics, helped collate the information for the BBC to create a new class calculator – with seven social groups, instead of the traditional three.

At one end of the scale there’s the ‘Elite’, accounting for 6% of the UK population. Professor Savage says these are those with high levels of all three of the ‘capitals’ assessed in the Great British Class Survey: economic, cultural and social.

He says that people in the ‘Elite’ group are more likely to have gone to university than not, but that it’s possible to move up into the group without a degree.

At the other end is the newly named ‘Precariat’, who make up 15% of the population. This the poorest and most deprived class group. They are likely to rent their homes and tend not to have a broad range of cultural interests.

To see which of the new social classes you belong to, visit the BBC’s website to take the Great British class calculator.

According to the BBC’s class calculator, which class are you? Tell us in the Comments below.