It’s 18 years since Marianne Crowley married husband Flor, and recently she decided to have a good look at her wedding band again.

But she was shocked to discover that she’s been wearing someone else’s wedding ring for years after reading the words inscribed on the band – which bears a completely different date to her big day.

Marianne said in an interview with Joe Duffy’s Liveline on RTE Radio 1: “I’ve never been apart from it.

“I had the rest of them valued recently but I didn’t send the ring in with that.

“I never wear the ring on its own, I always wear the other rings with it.

“And I definitely don’t remember having two weddings.”

Marianne explained that she was trying to recall her anniversary date when she asked a colleague to read the inscription inside the ring.

She asked her colleague to tell her the day in September that the ring said – however, her friend said the ring was inscribed with the date July 1993.

Marianna was baffled – she had married on September 13 1997 and doesn’t know anyone that got wed in July 1993.

The inscription on Marianne’s ring, which she describes as a very plain gold narrow band says: “03/07/1993 PAT.”

Marianne says it should say: “F.C – M.S 13/09/1997.”

“I don’t know if it stands for Pat or Paul and Theresa or what.

“I don’t know a Pat or anyone that got married in 1993.

“I was shocked. It’s all a bit of a nightmare. It’s a complete mystery.”

“But I definitely remember wearing the right wedding ring as I remember seeing the inscription.”

The Irishwoman said she has never taken her ring off, but does admit that she once dropped a ring down the sink about 8 years ago that she got back, but can’t remember if it was her wedding ring or not.

“Even if it was the wedding ring I dropped, what are the chances of picking up one that looks the exact same that would fit my finger?” she added.

Marianne is now hoping to reunite the wedding ring with its owner.

“I will give that person their wedding ring. I don’t want to wear somebody else’s ring.

“They might give a clue where mine is too. But I’m happy to return the ring to its rightful owner.”

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