Meet the Houndsley brothers – the furry faces fronting a new campaign for clean eating for dogs.

the dogs sit in a dog bed together (Forthglade)
Oh hey! (Forthglade)

That’s right, clean eating isn’t just something for us humans anymore (and with pet obesity in the UK a growing problem, maybe that’s not such a bad thing).

Devon-based natural dog food manufacturer Forthglade has teamed up with canine behaviourist Nick Jones to produce a special guide for owners to explain the perks of adopting a different diet for their pooch.

Think oaty flaxseed bites and surf’n'turf. The dog’s dinner just got seriously posh.

flaxseed biscuits on the cooling rack (Forthglade)
Flaxy goodness (Forthglade)

The free online booklet lists all the things that can be improved by a more natural diet – healthy weight, shiny coat, even better behaviour.

So since it’s National Holistic Pet Day (yes, that is also a thing), why not take the opportunity to add some snaps of fancy doggy dinners to your #cleaneating Instagram uploads.