A room full of barking, over-excited dogs play fighting and rolling around on a hot April afternoon might not sound like the ideal location for a yoga session, but this isn’t just any kind of yoga class. This is “Doga”, the new exercise class combining mind, body and (yep, you guessed it) dog.

Yoga teacher and proud Maltese Terrier owner Mahny Djahanguiri says that Doga is the union between “Yogi” (the yoga practitioner, a.k.a you) and “Dogi” (sometimes yoga participant, sometimes yoga observer, a.k.a your beloved pet pooch).

As barking mad as it might sound, Mahny is adamant that Doga is a great way for you and your canine companion to bond.

doga dog yoga
(Theo Cohen/London Pet Show)

“What’s funny is that the dog doesn’t actually do that much work,” explains Mahny, “They hardly do anything, they just hang on your hips as you bend down or bend forward. But they absorb your energy.”

So after trying Doga, what’s our verdict?

Well, if you’re not very good at keeping a straight face while your yoga teacher harps on about chakras and nadiis on a good day, you’re probably not going to be able to take Doga very seriously. But then again, we don’t really think Doga is supposed to be a very serious thing.

doga dog yoga
(London Pet Show )

In a room full of women holding dogs above their heads while simultaneously trying to lunge into Warrior 2 pose, it’s difficult not to giggle a little bit. Or maybe a lot – but isn’t that the point of yoga? To unwind the mind and relax the body?

Anyone who’s curious about the art of Doga can buy Mahny’s book from May 5.  Everybody else can carry on with their boring old walks in the park. Namaste!