Gary and his daughter Ellie Booth have telecoms in their blood.

​Ellie, who works as National Operations Manager at Openreach, broke the run of male family members who’ve joined the General Post Office (GPO – which later became BT) and BT.

She’s followed in the footsteps of her grandad and his two nephews, her dad and a handful of second cousins.

Grandad Reg Booth clocked up 30 years’ service with the GPO. And his nephews Alan and Ken Booth, now retired, both worked in the Midlands area.

Dad Gary’s career began as a postal cadet 31 years ago before moving to BT.

“That was totally down to my dad,” he said. “I remember him sitting me down and telling me there’s something coming out called emails and the worldwide web and it’s going to allow people to look at things all over the world from a computer – and that people wouldn’t need letters.

“He said joining BT was the best way forward. The rest is history.”

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Gary’s had a variety of roles before taking up his latest position as Ethernet Planning Manager in Openreach last year.

Ellie was attracted by the variety of work and opportunities available and joined Openreach five years ago.

She said: “I’m glad I did. I’ve been up poles and down holes in a core part of the business.”

Within three years, she’d joined the Future Leaders programme. Five years on, and she’s now in her first substantive manager’s role.

Gary added: “I’m extremely proud to see her creating a career for herself. I’ve done that journey and I know how hard it is but also how rewarding it can be.”