We’re improving the quality of life for young people with physical and learning disabilities.

‚ÄčIt’s through our latest BT-funded multi-sensory room in Barnstaple, in partnership with the Lord’s Taverners, the youth cricket and sports disability charity.

Lampard Community School is the 29th school to benefit from our programme since we launched it in 2010. Your votes helped decide the final – and 30th – school in our programme.

Paul Coles, BT’s South West Regional Partnerships Director, said: “The opening of this new multi-sensory room in Barnstaple is another step forward in a highly successful national partnership between BT and the Lord’s Taverners, which is helping young people with disabilities across the country.

“Sensory rooms such as this are helping to transform lives and provide a lasting benefit to the people who use them.”

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At Lampard Community School, pupils aged five to 16 have complex needs relating to autistic spectrum conditions and/or speech, language and communication. Many of the pupils have emotional and physical disabilities and sensory processing difficulties.

Multi-sensory rooms use a variety of lights, sounds and textures to create a stimulating educational environment. This helps develop emotional responses, communication and physical skills. It also helps build friendships and confidence, while improving basic numeracy and literacy skills.

We’ve pledged to maintain the special classrooms until 2020, improving the lives of more than 18,000 young people.