We’re helping a new state school teach children the skills they need to go straight into a career with us.

​Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College (UTC) is the latest of almost 50 UTCs in England for students aged 14-19. It opens in Pimlico, London, in September and is now recruiting its first students.

It aims to attract children with a fascination for technology who want to spend less time in the classroom and more gaining first-hand experience of what life is like after school.

It offers them a work-style environment focusing on core science, technology, engineering, maths and English subjects, and development of project management, problem solving and technical skills.

The new building has also been architect-designed with the most up-to-date thinking in energy conservation and materials sustainability.

It will have a ‘living roof’ with growing plants to sustain wildlife and water ecology in the area.  Electricity will be provided by solar panels reducing energy consumption and minimising CO2 emissions and its heating system will be extended to multiple adjacent residential buildings in the Pimlico area through a network of insulated pipes.

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We’re involved from the start. BT Fleet is among businesses and the University of Westminster working with the school to provide an environment where subjects are made relevant through applying learning to real projects.

Henry Brace, Managing Director of BT Fleet, said: “I’m really proud that BT Fleet is in at the launch of this exciting new school. We have a great track record of recruiting and developing both graduates and apprentices, so this is a great opportunity to help more young people get ready for work as well as create a supply of well-trained future new hires.”

Speaking about opening the University Technical College, Principal Designate Karen Barker added: "If a student studies technology, it opens many doors to hugely interesting and rewarding careers.  Out students will have the skills to go on and make the world a better place."

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